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How to write the Perfect Event Description

Are you guilty of waffling through your event description? You go on and on and on and never really explain why people should come along, what people are going to be doing or define an outcome from this particular event. To break through the waffle, I’m going to show you a quick formula that you can use for every event description that you write. 

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Business Silent Auction – The NEW WAY to NETWORK

For too long networking events have been run the same. We all sit in a room around tables. We each introduce our business and ourselves. 1 speaker teaches us something that most likely we already know and then you’re out. The Business Silent Auction is disrupting the status quo!

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anna osherov
Identifying the 5 Core Issues Of Business Failure

When looking at your business holistically (inside out and outside in), there are five core issues that can be identified to diagnose the root cause of “cash flow problems”. Following a holistic business strategy will rectify your cash flow problem by allowing the development of clear, well-understood mindsets and beliefs about a business and the roles within it. This, in turn, creates dramatic change in the potential of a business and the ability of the operators to take full advantage of that potential.

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